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Safer Internet Day Film.

This film was made for CEOP (Child Exploitation On-Line Protection agency) to raise awareness and prompt parents to stop and think.

Helping your children to manage risk online is just as important as it is offline. These five tips will help you to guide your children through the risks and challenges they might face. 


1) The online world is full of risk just like the offline world. Taking risk is a normal part of growing up but you need to make sure they understand the risks they are taking and help them to make sensible choices. 


2) Most online risk does not turn into harm. There will be times when your children do things online they shouldn’t, but that doesn’t mean serious harm will result. 


3) Finding out WHERE your children go online will allow you to talk to them about content risks. Ask them what they watch, which sites they visit and what they see. 


4) Asking WHAT they do online will help you to understand any conduct risks. Ask them if they ever steam content and if they do where from. Find out if they are chatting on anonymous sites or posting content about themselves. They’re probably doing great things, but you need to make sure you’re confident they understand any risks. 


5) Checking WHO their online friends are is a great way to cover the contact risks. Having friends online they don’t know offline isn’t necessarily a bad thing – almost every gamer does it – but you do need to check that they aren’t sharing inappropriate information or planning to meet up in the real world. 

Do you need to find out more?


Then visit Parent Zone,, where you will find loads of resources and support materials to help you support you children to be safe in the online world.