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Reading Knowledge and Skills Progression

Books, Songs, Rhymes and Poems Spine
The books, songs, rhymes and poems spine at TPS has been developed using the research compiled by Doug Lemov in his book ‘Reading Reconsidered’;  Manic street teachers research articles; the reading spine created by Pie Corbett and the DFE Reading framework 2021
The texts have been chosen to help children successfully navigate reading with confidence. Many of the texts are complex beyond a lexical level (reading ability) and demand more from the reader than other types of books. These include the following features: Archaic language, Non-linear time sequences, Narratively complex, figurative/symbolic text, resistant texts. Others chosen increase in emotional or plot complexity, cover diversity and inclusion issues and are topic-appropriate non-fiction.
The aim is that in each year group, a child will be exposed to these different types of texts and by the time they reach Year 6 and beyond, they will be able to access more complex books expected of them in secondary school.