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Spring 2015


This term the pupils are going to explore a new programming language used in FMS Logo. 


FMS Logo a brief History


Seymour Papert designed Logo to be powerful enough for computer research, but simple enough so that it could be enjoyed by children. Papert used Logo to conduct Artificial Intelligence and Robotics research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. One of the robots that Logo controlled had a dome-shaped protective casing over its electronics that made it resemble a turtle.



As personal computers became more affordable, the physical turtle was replaced by a virtual turtle on a computer screen. The virtual turtle was given a pen to help it fit into the familiar world of childhood learning.


Drawing is already a natural part of childhood, but drawing with Logo is different than drawing with crayons. To draw with Logo, you must learn to think about drawing, enough so that you can teach a complete idiot (the turtle) how to draw.




If you want to develop your skills further at home then visit to download your copy.


More information and useful links can be found at including a game Astroids written using FMSlogo, pretty impressive.