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Tottington Primary School's Mission Statement:

A friendly and inclusive primary school that equips, engages, excites and inspires every child to always aim high.

    A vision for all...

    p u p i l s         p a r e n t s         s t a f f         g o v e r n o r s         v i s i t o r s



TPS Core Values

At Tottington Primary School we have created a set of core values that underpin all the decisions we make as a school. We feel these values are very important to our TPS family, our school context and the aspirations we have for your children whilst they are with us. When children leave our school we aim to ensure all our children leave with a full TPS core values toolkit enabling them to become happy, productive and positive citizens both in our local community and the wider world.


  • Communication and language
    • To understand, develop and use a comprehensive and diverse vocabulary.
    • Opportunities to read, speak and communicate appropriately to a wide range of audiences.
    • Work as part of a team, share ideas and listen to others.


  • Physical and Mental Health
    • Have a love of being active and an ability to sustain physical fitness.
    • Develop healthy habits and understand the importance of exercise and healthy living.
    • To be aware of factors affecting mental health and well-being and know how to manage these.
    • To understand that support is available.
    • To show empathy and understanding towards the SEMH needs of others.


  • Global Citizenship
    • Learn about and have a positive impact on local, national and global issues.
    • To foster a love of nature and care for their environment.
    • Learn about the monarchy, history of UK, politics, our links with other countries in the world.
    • Develop respect and understand other faiths, cultures and beliefs in our local community and the world.
    • Understand that we are all responsible for our own actions and these can have repercussions both positive & negative.


  • Aspiration and ambition
    • Have high expectations of themselves and others in order to become effective citizens of the future.
    • Have an understanding and clarity around future skills, careers and job roles regardless of gender.
    • To be creative, innovative and have an ability to problem solve in order to allow our minds not to be limited by what we are told is possible. To dream the impossible.


  • Next Stage and future ready
    • To be emotionally ready for the next stage in their education.
    • To have an understanding of positive relationship skills and conflict resolution.
    • To demonstrate the outward skills of:
    • Manners
    • Kindness
    • Honesty
    • Respect
    • Independence
    • Accountability of own actions
    • Take pride in what they do
    • Know how their behaviour impacts on others.
  • To demonstrate the inward skills of:
    • Confidence
    • Resilience
    • Perseverance
    • Having a positive mindset / growth mindset
  • To have the necessary skills to be an active participant in our technologically changing world.




Children in our school are taught and encouraged to make the right choices and aim to be a TPS star both in our school and the wider community.