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If you would like further lessons and activities to carry with your child at home please view our optional home learning resources and links.

Useful Links




The maths factory

A fantastic website created by Carol Vorderman. From today, she has waved all memberships costs during the current circumstances. It has got lots of videos, games, challenges and other interactive activities.

BBC Bitesize KS2 Maths

A variety of resources for different areas of the maths curriculum.


Don’t forget there are lots of activities you can do with your children that will help them develop their mathematical skills e.g. measuring ingredients for cakes, sharing items equally between family members (division), estimating then timing each other to complete silly tasks and measuring, noting and calculating perimeters of things like tables, carpets, televisions, lawns, patios etc




BBC Bitesize

 Lots of games, videos and tutorials for all aspects of English.



Teach your Monster to Read

 (Free when accessed via the website) online platform game for children to apply phonics and reading knowledge. There are also mini-games for things like sight words.


Oliver Jeffers Virtual Events

 Oliver Jeffers is reading a book a day at 6. 


The World of David Walliams

 David Walliams is Reading extracts from his ELEVENSES Book at 11am each day. Website also has other free resources.



 For as long as schools are closed Audible are allowing children everywhere to instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids. All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.



Teach Handwriting

 Visual demonstration of how to form each letter. Scroll to the bottom (Other Continuous Cursive Letters not part of the Teach Handwriting Scheme) to find the correct formation of g, f, j and y



Phonics Play

 A great website offering complete use of the site for free for the time being. Username: march20, Password: home


This is a unique moment in history and it’s a chance for children to keep diaries/make scrapbooks which will be fascinating to look back upon when they are adults.


Another idea is to create a family history. Children could interview relatives on the phone write them up and compile them in a family ‘album’.




BBC Bitesize

 Some fabulous resources for lots of different areas of the curriculum.


The Literacy Shed

Not only English Resources - a range of mixed-age learning activities to engage children.

Live webcams of dolphins otters pelicans and turtle rehab which ties in nicely with children’s recent work – and rehearsals – about marine conservation

A number of the world’s greatest museums and galleries offer virtual tours.


Joe Wicks - The Body Coach

 Live workout daily at 9am - warning it's harder than you'd think!


Cosmic Kids

 Children's yoga based around stories, great for exercise and mindfulness


Go Noodle

Lots of movement songs/games that are free when watching via YouTube



Year 3 & 4 Curriculum Plan

If you have any questions about what we do in year 3F, or you would like to meet Mrs Fellowes regarding your child, please pop into school to arrange a time to see her.