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What are the aims of our Writing curriculum?

At Tottington Primary School, we are passionate about promoting high standards of language and literacy. We inspire our children to aim high. Through combining the Early Years Framework and National Curriculum with our TPS core values, our ambitious writing curriculum equips all our children with the necessary skills to become confident, competent writers.


We promote and foster a love of reading and writing through the use of high quality texts and expose children to a range of authors from Nursery to Year 6. We want our children to write, for both pleasure and for information, and to appreciate our rich and varied literacy heritage. Our children are exposed to and encouraged to use comprehensive, rich, diverse vocabulary. We want all our children to write legibly, spell accurately and have a secure understanding of the use of grammar.


We enable our children to use the medium of writing to express themselves in the written word and use it as a vehicle for communication, connection and creativity. We provide immersive, purposeful and real-life opportunities for children to write. We want our children to write clearly, accurately and coherently in a range of genres, adapting their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences. High importance is placed on the effective process of writing and children are taught to plan, revise and evaluate pieces they create.


Through our well-planned and clearly sequenced Writing curriculum, our children acquire the vital knowledge and skills required for the next stage of their learning journey and for adulthood. These enable the children of Tottington Primary School to become successful, active and positive members of their local community and wider world.