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The intent of our history Curriculum


At Tottington Primary School we are passionate about ensuring children have a solid understanding of British History as well as that of the wider world. We want our children to be able to reflect on the importance of the past in shaping the present, and the future. It is through this that we can ensure that our pupils will become well-rounded citizens in the community and the wider world.

Through combining the National Curriculum with our own Core Values and subject specific drivers, we have designed a TPS curriculum that meets the needs of our pupils; inspiring and engaging them to become keen historians with high aspirations.


Our history drivers are:


  • Leadership and Leaders

We want our children to reflect on effective leadership qualities, with a focus on specific leaders that have shaped British and world history.


  • Innovation

We want our children to ‘always aim high’ and have high aspirations in life. By studying important innovations in history, we aim to inspire our children by showing them the difference each and every one of them can make.


  • Beliefs

Throughout history, different cultures and civilisations have had vastly differing beliefs. Our children learn to understand and respect these, cementing their role as global citizens.


  • Lifestyle (work, play, nutrition)

Our lifestyle driver, enables children to gain a thorough historical perspective on their position today, by reflecting on work, play and nutrition similarities, differences and changes through time.


By using these carefully considered set of drivers, we ensure children can draw connections, contrasts and are able to analyse trends from and between different historical periods.  Children reflect on the impact of each of these drivers, and on each of the historical periods and events that we study. Through all of our teaching, we place a huge importance the teaching of chronology so that our pupils can confidently understand British and world history as a narrative.


History Whole School Curriculum Plan